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   Terms & Condition
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The following terms and conditions for the Riyad Bank Hassad Reward Program are based on the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

1. Eligibility

To participate in the Hassad Reward Program customers need to hold a valid Riyad Bank Credit Card from Riyad Bank. Immediately the card is activated cardholders will be automatically registered with the Hassad Reward Program. The following cards are excluded. Affinity Card, Purchasing Card and the Prepaid Card.

2. Qualifying Transactions

Hassad Reward Program Points are awarded to cardholders for every qualifying transaction made within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or internationally using a qualifying Riyad Bank Credit Card. Where purchases are made in a currency other than Saudi Riyals, point’s earned will be expressed in Saudi Riyal calculated at the Riyad Bank current rate of exchange. The following transactions will not be eligible for the award of Hassad Reward Program Points: cash advances, any balance transferred to the Credit Card Account and finance and other fees or charges including annual card fees and late payment fees.

3. Earning Points
How to Earn Points Card Classification

Get 1 point for every 10 Riyals spent using your credit card inside the Kingdom and abroad.


Get 1 point for every 15 Riyals spent using your credit card inside the Kingdom and abroad.


Get 1 point for every 20 Riyals spent using your credit card inside the Kingdom and abroad.

Gold & Classic

4. Points Rewards

All Hassad Reward Program Points will expire on the 31st of March 2015.

5. Points on Statements

Hassad Reward Program Points are earned on the date transactions are posted to the statement and not on the date the transaction was made. Hassad Reward Program Points which are earned on the same day as the statement is produced will not appear on that month’s statement but will appear on the following month’s statement.

6. Redeeming Hassad Reward Points

Hassad Reward Program Points can be redeemed for monetary vouchers as specified on the Hassad Reward Program website. Riyad Bank may change the products and services offered in the Riyad Bank Reward website without prior notice. Products and services offered are subject to the terms & conditions of each reward provider. Hassad Reward Program vouchers can be used in-conjunction with other payment methods (credit card + voucher) to make purchases from the same Riyad Bank Reward Program Partners as specified on the voucher.

7. Redeeming In Person

Hassad Reward Program cardholders will have to claim their reward from partners in person and must show their Riyad Bank Credit Card and provide proof of identity in order to claim the reward. As well as the voucher for Hassad.

8. Non Transferable/Non Refundable

Hassad Reward Program vouchers are non-transferable and non-refundable once issued or redeemed. Hassad Reward Program vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, credit or used for the payment of any fees or charges payable to the Bank unless specified on the Reward Program website. In addition, that Hassad points will not be passed to the estate of the deceased.

9. Minimum Points Required To Redeem

Hassad Reward Program cardholders must have a minimum of 1000 points in order to make reward redemptions.

10. Circumstance When Redemption Is Prohibited

If the cardholder has an outstanding payment or their account is delinquent, the cardholder will not be able to redeem Hassad Reward Program Points. Hassad Reward Program Points cannot be redeemed if there is fraud on the account and/or the account has been written off by Riyad Bank.

11. Liability

Riyad Bank gives no warranty or guarantee as to the quality, condition or suitability of any goods or services provided by third party partners for redemption in the Program. Riyad Bank shall not be liable or responsible to the Cardholder or any other person for any loss, damage or claims suffered in respect of any goods or services provided by partners in redemption of Hassad Reward Program points or as a result of any product or service being unavailable from partners. Conditions and warranties either expressed or implied and whether arising under any legislation or otherwise, as to suitability, quality, condition, fitness or safety of any Hassad reward supplied are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Any liability that cannot be fully excluded is limited, where permitted, to replacing, repairing or crediting the value of the reward at Riyad Bank’s discretion.

12. Confidentiality - General Terms

Riyad Bank will not supply details of customer’s name, address and contact details to partners. Only summary information may be provided as detailed on your voucher at the time of redemption. All information collected will be used for promotional purposes only. It will be held in strictest confidence in line with Riyad Bank regulations.

13. Opting Out of Hassad

If you do not wish to be included in the Hassad Reward Program you must call the toll number +966 920002470 and then advise that you wish to opt out within one month of receiving your credit card from Riyad Bank.

14. Termination

Riyad Bank reserves the right to terminate the program, change, alter or modify these Terms & Conditions without prior notice to cardholders nor compensation (The change will be announced in a manner deemed fit by the Bank). These changes and alterations will be applicable starting from the date they are announced as valid and will be applicable even if the cardholder does not receive a notification about these changes. In case of any conflict related to these Terms & Conditions, the decision of Riyad Bank would be final, compulsory, and decisive.

15. Acceptance

The cardholder confirms that they have read and understand these Terms & Conditions for the Hassad Reward Program stated above. These Terms & Conditions are additional to the Riyad Bank’s credit card agreement and Terms & Conditions which regulates issuance of Riyad Bank Credit Cards, and any other Terms & Conditions, and/or benefits given to the customers under its own discretion and without assuming any responsibilities, passed by Riyad Bank from time to time regarding credit cards.

The Arabic text of these Terms and Conditions will be deemed to be the correct version in case of any discrepancy between the Arabic text and English text of these Terms & Conditions.